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New project proposal submission to NIB [For internal scientists only]


If you (NIB Scientists) plan to submit a new project proposal to NIB and request funds from its revenue budget, please use this template. Some information in the template is for guide-purpose only; delete them as appropriate. The proposal will eventually go through a review and approval process. If the template is not accessible, please contact Dr. Iftekhar Alam or Sajib Dey.



Collaborative projects: NIB welcomes new projects in collaboration with external researchers. For a joint research project, researchers from other institutions are advised to contact a NIB scientist first. S/he will inform you about the suitability.



Ethical review considerations: NIB established its policies and procedures for ethical approval and monitoring of research projects. The guideline can be found here. When you require ethical approval for your project, please complete this form and send the editable soft copy (MS Word file) and signed hard copy to the Research Ethics Committee. The committee will review the application and issue a certificate of ethical approval. In case you are not able to access the files, please get in touch with Dr. Iftekhar Alam or Sajib Dey.




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